Choosing a massage therapist can sometimes be intimidating

Whether you’re choosing your first therapist or looking for someone new, chances are you’re looking for YOUR massage therapist. The one who knows your aches, pains and that one place you hold your stress and you’re probably wondering if I’m that therapist.

Here are some key questions to let you know whether you’re in the right place. Are you are looking for someone to help with your cranky back, stiff neck or injured shoulder?  Are you are looking for someone to help you reduce your stress level or help with insomnia?

Most importantly, are you looking to take proactive participation in your own health and wellness? You’re in the right place. If you’re a new client, check out my new client special here

If you are looking for someone who does full body hot stone,  or prenatal massage then I might not be what you need, but if you check here one of my fantastic colleagues might be your cup of tea (or coffee–I prefer coffee.)